Hello, my name is Tami…

I’m the mom behind VarageSale, the popular buy and sell platform. I’m also a wife, an elementary school teacher, and an entrepreneur.

The story of VarageSale begins when I was on a preventative leave during my pregnancy in 2012. I was spending a lot of time in bed—nauseated beyond belief! Distracting myself with soda crackers, ginger ale and online social media, I stumbled across something very interesting: whole communities of people were buying and selling their stuff on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Yahoo Groups. This inspired me to find another distraction. I began to declutter my home and jumped on the selling bandwagon. I had to clear space for our new arrival, after all. That’s right, I was nesting!

I quickly discovered that selling stuff online was a lot of work, if not downright painful. It was also full of drama. Now imagine mixing this drama with my pregnancy hormones. Oy vey, not pretty! These social sites were never intended to be used for buying and selling. The simplest task, such as posting an item, was a nightmare. The experience was broken.

The birth of an idea

VarageSale - an idea is born

Frustrated, I turned to my programmer husband Carl and asked him to build me something better. I loved the personal connections, the opportunity to meet new people in our community and, of course, the rush of getting a great deal. I just wanted to make the experience seamless by keeping what worked and fixing the rest.

I decided to share my vision with the admin of my local buy and sell group, Lindsay Angrove. I told her I was trying to convince Carl to build something new and improved for our community. Understanding the current challenges better than he ever could, she loved the idea. I invited her over for coffee, cookies and a brainstorm session. This helped us both better understand what needed to be built from both the member and the admin perspective.

Soon after, VarageSale was born through the launch of its first community “Vaudreuil-Dorion and Surrounding Areas.” Along with Lindsay and her mother Debbie, I helped the original community transition over. Then, I helped manage the new VarageSale community to make sure I fully understood the admin experience first-hand.

Tami Zuckerman, VarageSaleVarageSale is my (other) baby

It wasn’t long before more and more communities from around the world began joining the platform. Word spread like wildfire. Members became addicted to the simple VarageSale experience. They were on the platform many times a day—hooked to the feed, getting in line to purchase hot items and making sure not to miss a beat. What we’ve learned is that members love VarageSale for its family-friendly communities, the amazing deals, the fun times and all the great people they’re meeting along the way.

VarageSale is growing up!

VarageSale is growing up!

Thanks to the passion of our members and admins, as of Fall 2014, VarageSale has well over a million members across the USA, Canada, and around the globe. During a time when people don’t reach out to neighbors like they used to, I’m delighted that we’re helping bring back that small town feeling. What a rewarding experience!

While the buy and sell community is a global phenomenon, many of us are fragmented across different websites, cities and countries. However, we’re bound together by a unifying culture of community buying and selling. The VarageSale team started this blog so we could be a home to like-minded swappers around the world—to share with them touching stories from the community, tricks for ensuring their items are extra sellable, tips for finding the best deals out there, fun stuff for families and so much more.

Home is where the heart is

They say home is where the heart is. And I know that your communities have heart! So welcome to your new home. Read, smile, laugh. And even cry. And don’t forget to join the discussion. Because this blog was built for people just like you. Swappers unite!


Tami Zuckerman - founder of VarageSale



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