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Wattsburg Annual Huge Yardsale at Erie County Fairgrounds

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1st Annual Huge Yardsale @ Wattsburg Erie County Fairgrounds
I apologize to everyone but my post got deleted off meet/exchanges page! I will be as a director of the fair and a active member on here be renting spots on the fairgrounds to anyone that would like go set up on Wattsburgs annual town yardsales! People from all over come and our town gets loaded with people. It will be advertised in the nonprofit papers and I will have signs up for weeks prior. I do have i think 32 8x2 1/2 tables and 8 round tables. Spots are 10x10 and are 5.00 a spot and tables are 5.00 a table if needed! I have procrastinated on the constructing of the contracts but I promise they will be done by the end of next week! Save The date Saturday May 3rd setup begins at 7am! Please either comment with your email, spaces needed, and if table needed or if you want you can private message but make first word SALE so I can easily find each message. There are restrooms on location and there will be a food vendor on location also!